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Fashionable Birthday Gift Bear Head Pillow Stuffed Toy

US $26.39

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Qt 2-4 5-9 ≥ 10
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The innovative designs and research-proven developmental features of the Fashionable Birthday Gift Bear Head Pillow Stuffed Toy will engage stimulate and nurture your child's imagination. The Cute Stuffed Toy is made of top quality Lint and PP cotton material, so it's luxuriously soft to touch. It is quite unique and attractive, you can give your children the tool to helps them build a happy childhood, and it also makes a great decor or gift for weddings! The cute Animal Stuffed Toy is excellent for decoration and also for stuffed toy collection. Special designed Animal Stuffed Toy is quite unique and attractive. Very soft and comfortable, you can put it on the bed and sofa as furnishings. This PP Cotton Stuffed Toy will have your child laughing with joy as he cuddles with this lovely animal. The Cute Stuffed Toy is an indispensable partner of your car and also the first choice for journey and home. No rips, tears, holes or stains. The Cute Stuffed Toy is also a wonderful decoration in your house. Exacting manufacturing standards deliver hours of interactive fun. Brighten someone's day with the colorful Lint Animal Stuffed Toy. The lovely Stuffed Toy will also quickly become a favorite playmate and snuggle buddy for your little kids. Don't hesitate! Take the Stuffed Toy home now!
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  • Especificações:

    • You can sleep on the bear head pillow Stuffed Toy to have a rest
    • Unlike other stuffed toys, this PP Cotton Stuffing Stuffed Toy is very soft and cuddly
    • PP Cotton Stuffing Cute Stuffed Toy is a necessity toy for your kid, your kid will like it very much 
    • PP Cotton Stuffing Animal Stuffed Toy is touched softly and comfortably
    • Stuffed Toy is the absolutely necessary partner of your house decoration   
    • Exquisite work make the Cute Stuffed Toy durable for long time using  
    • Excellent decoration, and it is also an ideal gift  
    • Material de Revestimento:Gaze
    • Recheio Material:PP Algodão
    • Hight:30.0cm/11.8in


     Timliss Fashionable Birthday Gift Bear Head Pillow Stuffed Toy

    Brinquedo de Pelúcia

    • With special workmanship, Fashionable Bear Head Pillow Stuffed Toy looks vivid

     Cute Stuffed Toy

    • The color, shape and appearance of this Cute Stuffed Toy is the same as the real one

      Bicho de pelúcia Toy

    • The Animal Stuffed Toy is the fancy decoration anywhere you put

     Timliss Fashionable Birthday Gift Bear Head Pillow Stuffed Toy

     Brinquedo de Pelúcia

    • The pictures show you the details of the toy. The unique design of the Animal Stuffed Toy can create an eye-catching effect

     Cute Stuffed Toy

      Bicho de pelúcia Toy

    Timliss Fashionable Birthday Gift Bear Head Pillow Stuffed Toy

    Brinquedo de Pelúcia

    • Unique design and the lovely Lint Cartoon of this toy make it different from others

    How to Recycle Stuffed Toys:

    Cute Stuffed Toy

    You may wish to keep a cherished stuffed animal as a memento long after your daughter has outgrown her childhood pal. Even the signs of much use, such as a missing eye or a stitched paw, can elicit fond memories. On the other hand, children often receive more stuffed toys than they can reasonably play with, leaving many of them in like-new or at least very good condition. These lightly used toys can find new life in various ways. Recycle them within your family by passing them to the younger children or donate them to children in need. When a tattered toy reaches the end of its useful life, use the stuffing for craft projects

    Prepare Unwanted Toys

    • Sort the stuffed animals by condition. Identify animals that can find a second life and those that need to be discarded
    • Kill dust mites. Bag each toy in its own freezer bag or garbage bag and place them in the freezer for 24 hours
    • Remove the toys from the freezer and discard the unusable toys
    • Clean reusable toys. Wipe dusty, hard plastic eyes with a soft damp cloth. Check the care tag. Wash machine-washable toys in the washing machine. To protect them, enclose them in a tied pillow case and use the gentle cycle. Line dry or machine dry them on the mildest setting. For toys labeled "Spot Clean," prepare a solution of one part water to one part laundry soap. Dip a soft cloth in the solution and blot each stain

    Donate or Pass Down the Toys

    • Many organizations accept stuffed toy donations
    • Locate organizations that accept stuffed animal donations. Some thrift stores accept stuffed toys with tags still on them or that are in like-new condition. Other groups distribute directly to those in need. One such organization, Stuffed Animals for Emergencies, also known as SAFE, distributes stuffed animals to children in traumatic situations. The group has chapters throughout the United States and, as of 2010, in the Dominican Republic
    • Pass toys with plenty of life left in them down to family members
    • Pass the toys down through your family. A younger sibling or cousin might be delighted to receive a toy he remembers playing with at your home, even if it has a stitched foot
    • Create a memory box for a cherished toy and other childhood keepsakes.
    • Create a memory box for a favored stuffed animal, along with photos from your daughter's childhood, a first tooth and other mementos. Present it to her when she marries or is expecting a child of her own

    Repair or Reuse

    • Salvage usable parts. Clothing, ears and sometimes limbs can serve to repair another toy
    • Make a stuffed toy security blanket. If a teddy bear is worn beyond repair but the front of the bear remains intact, remove the back and sew the bear onto a small blanket. Position the bear so that the corners of the blanket align with the head and arms. A child can use it as a security blanket and as a plaything, by wrapping the blanket around the bear to appear as if she were carrying the bear like a swaddled baby
    • Extract the stuffing for use in a craft project, such as stuffing for a pillow

    Pacote inclui:

    • 1 x Stuffed Toy

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